He1p Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 2018 that is committed to ensuring that dreams come true for the youth and their family by giving financial assistance and making a personal connection with individuals and to programs that will allow all children to attend camps of their choice. He1p Foundation is a youth to young adult oriented organization that is dedicated to expanding life opportunities to those that may not have had the chance without a scholarship through our foundation. Our mission and purpose is to be an example of service to others in our giving of time, resources, knowledge and love for the betterment of children and families in our community .


Help 1 Leadership Camp

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Help 1 Foundation has found a perfect spot up north of the valley to host summer leadership camps for students who are in the 8th grade to Seniors in High School.  Help 1 Camps will be geared toward students who wouldn't be able to afford camps such as these. At our leadership camp we will focus on: -Leadership and ethics -Leadership styles -Motivation, inspiration and overcoming obstacles -Teamwork Help 1 Foundation believes that there are 4 ways leadership camps can benefit our youth and communities: 1) They can promote positive relationships with other youth. 2) They can promote positive relationships with adults. 3) They provide character education 4) They prepare our future 'us.' Help 1 Foundation will be an

AED Program

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We like to encourage everyone to social distance during this pandemic with the CoronaVirus attacking communities throughout our country and the world.  Help 1 is dedicated to helping those in need, which is why we have been delivering essentials to Seniors in our community.  We have partnered with a few Hospice companies to get information of those needing help.

Jordyn Renae

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This is the story of Jordyn Renae. Jordan didn't get to come home until she was a month old.  Thunderbird hospital saved Jordyn's life with an emergency C-section after monitoring her heart rate declining.  What they thought would be a simple birth ended up being an emotional roller coaster and a long ride. Jordyn came into this world 6 weeks early with 2 surgeries required immediately. This beautiful 4lb 2oz baby was expected to have her esophagus connected to her stomach (Esophageal Atresia) and blockage removed from her stomach to allow a pathway for her bowel movements to exit. The next obstacle was Jordyn was born without an anus (Imperforate Anus). This means the surgeons had to create stomas