Help 1 Leadership Camp

Help 1 Foundation has found a perfect spot up north of the valley to host summer leadership camps for students who are in the 8th grade to Seniors in High School.  Help 1 Camps will be geared toward students who wouldn't be able to afford camps such as these. At our leadership

AED Program

We like to encourage everyone to social distance during this pandemic with the CoronaVirus attacking communities throughout our country and the world.  Help 1 is dedicated to helping those in need, which is why we have been delivering essentials to Seniors in our community.  We have partnered with a few Hospice companies to get information of those needing help.

Jordyn Renae

This is the story of Jordyn Renae. Jordan didn't get to come home until she was a month old.  Thunderbird hospital saved Jordyn's life with an emergency C-section after monitoring her heart rate declining.  What they thought would be a simple birth ended up being an emotional roller coaster and a long