This is the story of Jordyn Renae. Jordan didn’t get to come home until she was a month old.  Thunderbird hospital saved Jordyn’s life with an emergency C-section after monitoring her heart rate declining.  What they thought would be a simple birth ended up being an emotional roller coaster and a long ride. Jordyn came into this world 6 weeks early with 2 surgeries required immediately. This beautiful 4lb 2oz baby was expected to have her esophagus connected to her stomach (Esophageal Atresia) and blockage removed from her stomach to allow a pathway for her bowel movements to exit. The next obstacle was Jordyn was born without an anus (Imperforate Anus). This means the surgeons had to create stomas and give little Jordyn an ostomy bag so that her waste had somewhere to go. Mommy and Daddy didn’t get to see Jordyn until she was in recovery, and even then, she was heavily sedated. Every little step forward felt like a milestone within itself. Jordyn successfully weaned off of her ventilator at 1 week old. At 12 days old Jordyn was no longer taking pain meds. After a long 2 weeks, Jordyn finally got to experience her mommy hold her. Daily visits to the NICU and countless update calls, Jordyn continued to progress. At 3 weeks old Jordyn’s swallow study showed her esophagus wasn’t leaking, her mouth tube got pulled, and she passed her hearing and car seat tests. This allowed baby girl to be discharged to her family at 1 month old only weighing 4lbs 10 oz. Now Jordyn is comfortably recovering at home with Mommy, Daddy, brother and sister. There are endless specialist and appointments that are required to ensure Jordyn lives her best healthiest life. Jordyn still has to overcome 1 more surgery, connecting her intestines to her anus, allowing her to get rid of her ostomy bag and her stomas. Jordyn came into this world a fighter, and will forever be a fighter. Prayers and support are appreciated during Jordyns journey.

Help 1 has generously donated baby crib w/changing table, a bouncer, jumper, table seat, separate changing table along with clothing and toys for baby Jordyn.  We are constantly doing for other and your help is great appreciated.  If you’d like to donate anything to help baby Jordyn just contact us for any clothing or toys you’d like to drop off. If you’d like to do cash donation to help with any medical bills please just put Jordyn’s name in the memo/comment section on donation page